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Chris was on GMA a couple of days ago, as he conitined to promote ‘Passengers’ in New York. Check out bits of his interview on the show and the photos in the gallery.



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While in London, Chris & Jennifer made a stop in the Graham Norton Show where they taped an episode that aired last night. Below, you can watch the released clips from the episode and check out the gallery for the pictures from the episode.


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“Misfit” is not the word that comes to mind when thinking about Denzel Washington, 61, or Chris Pratt, 37. Washington, a two-time Academy Award winner, has been playing gritty, gripping characters for four decades in films like Training Day and Flight. Pratt rose to fame as the goofy guy on TV’s Parks and Recreation in 2009 before moving into breezy blockbuster film roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. Now the two headline The Magnificent Seven, a Western that hits theaters September 23, which Pratt describes as “seven misfit personalities all coming together to fight for something that’s bigger than themselves.” [Source]

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